Troubleshoot - Unpaired tablet and HMD

September 29, 2020

Switch the tablet on. 

  1. Before beginning the “pairing” process please perform following:
  • Switch the HMD on (or even better, restart both tablet and HMD)
  • Make sure HMD and Tablet are (fully) charged
  • Make sure the proximity sensor on the HMD is engaged
  • Check the "small window" on the tablet showing the HMD content to make sure devices are paired/unpaired

2. Disable Kiosk mode by clicking on the top left menu (3 purple horizontal stripes) and tap 8 or more times on the Version number until you view the following notification at the bottom of the screen: “screen unpinned”.  


3. This triggers the debug menu, please select "Disable kiosk mode".



4. Slide down the screen top down and you will see the Bluetooth icon. Click on it and choose MORE SETTINGS

a) If you see your device name (XXXXX) with a phone next to it means that the tablet reads your HMD device. Go to the settings menu on the right and click Forget




b) If you see another name (such asPico HMD) - please follow the same step and click “Forget”. 

5. Select “Pair new device” - select your device name (ie: Limbix_01/LB01). If after following this step your device appears with a headphone next to it, you have been successful at pairing. 

6. In the HMD - go to “Waiting Room” and choose Settings (below). 



& choose Settings one more time

7. Once in Settings select Bluetooth

a) If you see your device connected (its name is listed below Bluetooth) it should appear connected. You can now restart both devices.


b) If you do not see your device listed turn Bluetooth off, and repeat until you find your device listed. Once it appears, please select and choose Pair. Then restart both Tablet and HMD

8. Restart both devices if you have not done so yet, they should now be paired and working seamlessly. 

9. If everything is working fine, you should go to the top left menu, click on it, tap 8 times or more on the Version and choose Enable Kiosk mode. Your device will be “blocked” and you will have the Limbix app running. 

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