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Wifi Settings

These are the steps required to set a new wifi network in your Limbix VR Kit.

Please note that the "blurriness" effect in the following images is due to these screenshots being taken from the VR device.

A. Connecting Wifi to your VR device

  1. Go to the Settings below the menu (squares) in the Waiting Room (click on settings)

2. Choose Settings once again

3. Choose Wlan (first on the left)

4. Search for your wifi name on the list

5. Insert your password by clicking on the letters and save it


6.  Once connected to your wifi, click on the "Exit" option

a) If you want to add a hidden WiFi network you have to chose "Advanced Settings" on the far right

On the subsequent menu, select "Wi-Fi" at the top

Click the three vertical dots icon at the upper right in the wifi selection screen, to access more options.  From this menu, you can access "Add network"

This screen will allow you to add a hidden wifi network by manually entering the network information

Pick the "Exit" option

7. Chose "Restart Limbix"


B. Connecting Wifi to the tablet

1. Click on the top left bars

2. Click 8+ times on the version name

3. Chose "Disable Kiosk mode"

4.  Slide the screen from the top using your finger and you will see options to choose from, select WLAN


5. Pick your Wifi network

 If you cannot find your Wifi name under this option, select More Settings


6. Click on the middle circle (at the bottom) in order to go back to the main view

7. Click on the top left menu

8. Click 8+ times on the version name


9. Choose Enable Kiosk mode