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Using the tablet with your VR Kit

The tablet provided is used to view the patient's experience within VR.  There are three main functions of the tablet app. 

  1. Seeing what the patient sees. In the main, content browsing page, there is a preview window on the bottom right corner of the screen. Within any content category page, there is a large preview window on the top half of the screen.  Use these preview areas to monitor your patient's experience.  Note that to keep Limbix running smoothly, we only show low-resolution snapshots of what the patient sees in VR.  This causes the preview to look slightly choppy or blurry, but don't worry -- the experience in VR is clear!
  2. Launching VR experiences.
    You can browse and select VR content categories on the tablet to play them in VR. For some content categories, there are additional content choices within the 'content detail' pages, and you can use the app to launch the patient into these additional content choices.
  3. Configuring the VR experience. The tablet allows you to configure VR experiences in several ways:

    Changing the volume. At any time you can tap the volume icon to adjust the volume on the headset.

    Recentering the patient.  This will reorient the center of the VR environment to whichever direction the patient is looking.

    Content specific configurations. Depending on the type of content, there may be configurations you can make.  For example, in the driving scenes, you can use the tablet to turn rain and off within the scene.