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Using the physical controller

We have designed the Limbix VR Kit so that the physical controller is optional. It is not required to use any of the Limbix VR content. However, in some cases you may wish to use a physical controller, particularly when you require the patient's head to remain still.  

To connect the controller, hold down the home button (shown below) until the controller connects. This can take up to 10 seconds, so make sure to continue holding down the button until the connection is established.   Once connected, the patient can press the selection button (shown below) to choose objects with a VR scene.  

If you are unable to connect the controller, make sure that there are sufficiently charged batteries inside the controller. 

The patient can exit a scene and go back to the Waiting Room at any time by pressing the Back button (shown below).

Please also note that whenever the controller is connected, it will become the default controller type in the Waiting Room scene.  For other experiences that require a controller, such as games, you will be given the option before starting the game to choose either gaze controls or the physical controller.