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Sanitising and charging your VR Kit

After using the VR Kit, you should sanitise the headset and connect the headset and tablet to the charging cables to ensure they remain fully charged.

First of all, wash your hands thoroughly. If you are using your VR Kit in a clinical facility, please use gloves. 


Sanitising the kit
The VR Kit is a medical grade device designed to be fully sanitised. Use a wipe to clean the face insert, the head straps, and any other parts of the headset that come in contact with the patient BUT the lenses.


  • Preferably, clean the VR Kit between each use with non-alcohol, non-abrasive, anti-bacterial wipes. Ensure you wet the surface until it is visibly wet. The surface should remain wet for 10 minutes.
  • Wipe your headset’s facial interface with a clean cloth and water to remove any residual cleaner and let dry completely before using again. Wipeable facial interfaces are also available as an accessory for use with some headsets.
  • Use a dry microfibre cloth to clean your headset’s lenses.
  • Let your VR equipment completely air dry after cleaning before the next use (at least 10 minutes). Use a dry microfibre cloth (but not the same one used to wipe lenses, as alcohol can damage lenses) to remove any wetness or residue from the headset and controllers.
  • IMPORTANT to note that alcohol-based wipes and cleaners are not recommended for use on the lenses. The lenses can be damaged by alcohol, so users should opt to use a dry microfibre cloth instead. If a smudge is being stubborn, users can dab a small amount of water on the cloth as well,


Charging the kit
While we have designed the VR Kit to have long battery life, it is important to reattach the charging cables to both the headset and tablet after use.  This will ensure that they are always adequately charged and ready for use.