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How to start a VR session

The first step is to help your patient get comfortable in VR. 

  1. Whenever the headset is turned on for the first time, the patient will find themselves in the 'Waiting Room'.  We recommend you start all patients in this environment to acclimatize to the VR experience.  If the headset happens to be in a different scene when it is turned on, you can put the patient in the waiting room at any time from the main content menu on the tablet app.  
  2. Ensure your patient is comfortably seated. Have your patient adjust the ratchet wheel on the back of the VR Headset so that the strap is comfortable. 
  3. Have your patient adjust the focus wheel on the top of the headset until the scene looks clear.  If you are in the waiting room scene, ask the patient to adjust the focus wheel until the words "Beach Sunrise" are clear. 
  4. Make sure your patient is seated and facing forward in a comfortable position. Tap the recenter button, located in the top right corner of preview area within all of the app categories. This will help reorient the center of the VR environment to whichever direction the patient is looking. Note that the patient may already be properly centered, and that you can do this at any time throughout the app categories. 
  5. Monitor your patient using the above preview area.  Note that to keep Limbix running smoothly, we only show low-resolution snapshots of what the patient sees in VR.  This causes the preview to look slightly choppy or blurry, but don't worry - the experience in VR is clear!
  6. The patient can return to the waiting room at any time by long-pressing the select button on the right side of the headset.