Virtual Reality for Mental Health

The complete VR system for providers in clinical settings

The complete VR system for clinical settings

The Limbix VR Kit is medical grade, wireless, and doesn't require internet. Simply turn it on, and you're in VR.

Immersive environments

Limbix VR allows patients to interact in authentic, virtual environments. Patients can face their fears, practice conversations, visit remote locations, and relax in tranquil settings while in authentic, virtual environments.

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Real-world 360° footage

Limbix VR environments are built from panoramic images and videos, rather than animated graphics. This makes it easier for patients to experience true "presence" with visceral sensations.

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Better patient experiences

Teleport patients around the world to the scene of an important life event or take them to tranquil nature environments where they can relax.

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Enriched exposure therapy

Therapists can gradually expose patients to phobias or sources of distress to increase a patient's anxiety tolerance to distressing situations.

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